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The Market's Leading Control Software For Consistent, High-Quality Crop Production Year-Round

CORTEX enables businesses to standardize production, reliably forecast yields and achieve negotiation advantages in the marketplace.
  • Automated light response gives growers the ability to replicate pre-set light strategies across the plant growth cycle and ensures consistent light quality year-round.
  • Energy and power consumption monitoring increases visibility so growers can adapt and optimize light use and schedules based on peak hours, rising energy costs and potential dollar savings.
  • Repository of data logs, historical lighting strategies and instance isolations equip growers to make data-driven decisions for predictable,  reliable and repeatable business forecasting and harvest results.
  • Multiple light zones and groupings standardize schedules and settings to allow growers to use their time and staff hours more efficiently.
  • Real-time management and remote notifications from any device—anytime, anywhere—enable growers to monitor hardware status across their facilities and quickly control light settings, intensities and spectrum strategies. 
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